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Air Filtration - HEPA

IQ Air, HealthWay, Alen, BreatheSmart, Austin Air, Air Doctor, Blue Air.

Training Manuel

Michael Pinto is the world’s best trainer of remediators.

- Author of the #1 mold training manual.

Fungal Contamination: A Comprehensive Guide to Remediation

- This training manual is principled in its approach and critical to understand and follow for D-I-Y homeowner remediation.

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HEPA Vacuum

Miele, ProTeam, Lindhaus, Central vacuum exhausted to the outside.

Verify that it states HEPA on the model of vacuum that you purchase.

HEPA is key so that it captures allergens and mold spores while vacuuming instead of emitting the spores through the exhaust back into the air where we breathe.

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3M Versaflo PAPR, MaxAir PAPR, CleanSpace 2


-We do not recommend paper masks or non-PAPR (powered air purifying) respirators

-NIOSH is a good source of information on respirators.

-Much can go wrong with misuse or incorrect selection if you are casual about what you know.

Please study respirators if you plan to use one.

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