Top Favorite "tools"

We get asked all the time about what we recommend! 
So... here they are!  
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1. Michael Pinto's book:

Used as a textbook in leading mold remediation training courses.

(This is NOT an affiliate link, we share this for those of you that want the deep dive into great information published.)

2. Finnleo Sauna:

The sauna is part of our heritage. If you are wondering how it can help you and its health benefits,

Check out this link:

No worries about extra moisture in your home or business, Look at their outdoor wood-fired models too.  

(This is NOT an affiliate link, we tell you because we have one and love it!)  


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This book was written from my heart out of my family's experiences with Lyme and Mold.

Our Kids are AMAZING... and we would rather cushion their path and avoid the tough experiences that come their way. But... sometimes we can't and tough stuff ends up being unavoidable. And when we are in the midst one of those times, what our kids need most is courage!


Courage to face what is in front of them! 

I wrote this to Give the opportunity for parents and kids to read this book together and even to talk through their circumstances as needed. Or just for a youngster to read it on their own or look at the story through the pictures!

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