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Since 1983
ProCare Services started in 1983 and then in 1998 Dean Mahlstedt purchased the business as a Cleaning & Restoration Company.  Water-Fire-Storm-Mold has been the basis of the business. 
Then after his own family went through Lyme disease and Mold toxicity in 2012, the passion at ProCare narrowed down it's focus.  After Dean learned how to implement and help his own family along with many others, his passion is to have this company make difference in peoples' lives by providing services for mold investigations & consulting.
Giving informative and valuable data to building owners & homeowners, therefore guiding decisions towards achieving a healthy building.
His knowledge and extensive training along with his expertise knowledge can guide people quickly along.
ProCare's goal is helping people
FIND, FIX, and PREVENT FUTURE MOLD issues in their homes and buildings so that it is a healthy place to thrive.  

RIA - Certified Mold Professional #40

IICRC Certified

ICRA Certified

IAQA Member

Critical Incident Stress Management

Remediation for Sensitized Individuals

Published Book Author

InstaScope Certified

Instructor / Consultant on Homes & Buildings

Dare to be a difference maker book cover

Dean Mahlstedt

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Additional Mold Info.


Top notch podcast on Mold

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