Inspecting your Entire Building...


One Room At a Time!

 achieve healthy & happy!

Thorough extensive 

investigation & evaluation.


How to get it done right...


Shorten the process to success... let us help you.



Healthy air...

-Healthy Homes & Building.

-Healthy occupants

-A place to thrive.

Not only do you need to know IF you have mold
...but also good data is needed to figure out possible sources!
Taking time investigating is the key.
...dive in deep to have the whole building's data evaluated.
(instead of just taking one or a couple air samples)
Every room is tested with the InstaScope.
Once data is gathered, 
...get it reviewed and explained to you. 
(Your understanding of the problem is the key to long term success!)  
Testing your current home, building, business or helping you find a new home to move to... we gather data so that you have the details. 

We are using InstaScope technology to test and give instant readings of the air in your building to see if it is normal or not normal. 


If it is not normal then it is "dirty" or wet, giving the opportunity for mold to grow. 


The challenge is to collect enough data to find where these conditions occur, because that is where we have a great chance of finding the source.  

100 Cokato St West - PO Box 787

Cokato, MN 55321

Tel: 320-286-5748

Lic# BC 634385

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