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Mold Inspections

*Call for more information if building is larger than 4000 sq ft or outside of MN

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Inspections include:

EVERY ROOM tested for mold spore counts all included in the price with

(not just a few indoor rooms and the outside air)

IMMEDIATE debrief & consulting after the inspection. 

(to go over data found & answer questions about your home/building current mold & future prevention)

IN-DEPTH data analysis to help figure out the source of the mold

(not just telling you that you have it)

This process takes at least 5-6 HOUR or more depending on the size of your home and the amount of data to analyze.

(traditional mold inspectors are in and out of your home in 1-2 hours)

Some inspectors just like to come and tell you to rip out the carpet as that is your issue, or they may just use an air sample to tell you there is no mold in the middle of your rooms.  

We know, as the experts in the industry teach, that mold hides & lives where it has a food source & where things have been wet.  The middle of the room at about 4 feet high is mostly not where it resides & grows (This is where air samples are taken before sending in to a lab).  Therefore, we find success in looking while others may miss the obvious, there is new techniques and new technology to give you better data.  

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Top notch information & guests about healthy buildings & homes relating to mold.