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Do you know what is in the air you breathe?


We are using InstaScope technology to test and give instant readings of the air in your building to see if it is normal or not normal.  If it is not normal then it is dirty or wet.  

Exposure in high amounts are not good for those immune compromised individuals.  We are NOT doctors but InstaScope is a tool, a piece of technology, that we use that can tell us immediately about your exposure amounts.  We can also use other tools combined with this tool to help you identify issue areas that you need to clean or get dried.  


 Instant Microscope - Every Room, Every Time - Instant Report


                  MOLD INSPECTION

     - InstaScope Inspection

        *We test every room of your building!

     - Instant InstaScope Mold Report

         *Email sent immediately           

     - Better Technology

          *instant Microscope, no lab required. This is a technology that came from the UK Ministry of Defense initially designed for                         detecting anthrax.  Then in 2012, this technology came to the U.S. as InstaScope - Instant Air Quality Testing for Mold and                               Airborne Biology.  

The particles in the air carry data about each room of a building.  
InstaScope measures & analyzes these particles to produce "exposure conditions" that turn this hidden data into actionable information.  
Water intrusion, mold growth, HVAC issues, and more are evidenced in the air long before the damage becomes visible to the occupant.  Instascope allerts technitians when AND where to take a deeper look and highlight targeted action to manage specific areas of concern.
This measureing & analysis of the air, unlocks information about a building that allows you to manage against measurements instead of reacting to symptoms.

Every Room Counts!  The Best Instant Technology of Testing!

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