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ProCare Services, Inc. 

From the start of the business in 1983, to the purchase of ProCare from Dean Mahlstedt in 1997,  & then to today in 2018, we are a professional business that services people because we care!  We aim to create the best results for all involved, and try to make a positive and lasting difference in all that we do, because... we have walked in similar shoes.


When buying ProCare in 1998 we had no idea the path this business would lead us on.  We had no idea the impact that we could truly make in a person's life.  We thought it was about restoring homes and getting someone's life back to normal after a disruption from water damage, a fire or storm, or inspecting for mold along with creating a positive evironment with great carpet cleaning.  We had not yet a clue, that it was also going to be about encouraging healthy homes & buildings! 


In July 2012, we hit the tip of an iceberg that we are now still uncovering to greater understanding.  It started with a Lyme disease diagnosis and about a year later that diagnosis collided with a mold discovery that forced us to see that mold toxicity/allergy and Lyme disease go hand in hand.  We found that challenges with a person's immune system can impact the way they effectively handle "challenges" in their living and work environment.  We found the need to test our OWN home for mold and hidden water damage.  To our surprise, the worlds of Heath & Home & Occupation just collided as our home was in need of remediation from water damage that resulted in mold contamination BEHIND the walls and hidden in other places.  This presented us with a first-hand experience of uprooting our family and moving out of our home in order to repair our home, and heal our family in a "healthy" environment.  As anyone in this situation, it is a long story.  One that helps us to understand the impact that many have experienced.

We are now aware of the great impact that restoration & construction companies have on people in their homes and businesses like we never understood before 2012. It is personal to us now.  We are thankful for the experience and are able to bring an even better service to our customers. 


You see... If the air in your house is dirtier than what the EPA allows for in commercial spaces then there is an issue to look at.  Therefore, this air is either dirty/wet or both.  The good thing is that dirty and wet both can be fixed.  The challenging thing is that it disrupts our lives and is an inconvenience when we may not have the resources to be inconvenienced.

At ProCare, We are in the information business!  We don't know everything but we know how to be helpful to see you though to where you have to go!  We are a resource and a connection maker, for those who need more information.  That is the biggest thing that we have learned through our own experiences and extensive training & certifications!


By the way,  2005, we as a company,  also experienced a devastating fire in our own business, which also has brought us to a level of understanding to truly empathize with our fire loss customers.  No matter what the devastation you are facing it is important that you have the resources you need to accomplish what you want to get done!  


So... YES, we do understand, and we do aim to service our customers the very best way needed because:

we care

              we understand, &

                           we have aimed to find the resources, tools, equipment, and connections that matter the most to you, our friends!

Your Home

do not

Reflect You!

issues with

It just reflects an issue!

LET US help guide you

To a Solution!


"I am amazed at the Mold inspection.  I am so thankful to have someone who knows what to look for and how to set up a protocol so that we were able to get this taken care of correctly!"

​ T. J, MN

"I have to tell you that your staff have been such a God-send for us.  They are all hard workers and knowledgeable and kind.  You should be very proud.  "

​ Big K, MN

"Roses are red,
Carpets are soiled
Isaiah came over,
For hours he toiled
Violets are blue,
and you made our day,
(and our week
and our month,
its safer to say...)
Sugar is sweet,
ProCare chocolate is, too -
As we have been blessed,
May God bless you all, too."
Very Grateful. 
the L family -  MN